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Candy Collection

Candy CollectionCandy Collection is simple yet playful and comes in a wide range of colours and crystal shapes. The crystals are set in 925 sterling silver and thanks to their precise cutting they are very luminous and reflect light beautifully. Candy Collection features a lot of jewellery pieces so it is easy to pick up some to create a perfect set for any occasion or to match any outfit and to give a touch of glamour to both evening wear as well as everyday looks. Candy Collection offers both classic and timeless colour combinations in round-shaped Swarovski® crystals for women who prefer a little more toned down jewellery and sweet, fresh and youthful shades in star- or butterfly-shaped crystals for a more casual and playful look.


Figal Jewelry
Av. Providencia 2233 Loc T3. Providencia, Santiago
21 de Mayo 583 Loc 157. Santiago, Santiago.

Figal Alta Joyería
Candelaria Goyenechea 3820 Loc 28. Vitacura, Santiago.

Eliz Joyas y accesorios
Camino a Chicureo Km2 Loc 27,
Boulevard los ingleses Chicureo, Santiago

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Barros Arana 677 Concepción, Concepción.

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Mall Marina Arauco, Primer Nivel

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Av. Alemania 0350 local 202

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Av. San Carlos 1668 Toledo, Chillán.

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Apoquindo 4900 Loc 180, Las Condes, Santiago.

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Boulevard y Paseo Doña Ema, local 14, Puerto Varas, Santiago.

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Bories 618, segundo piso local 01, Punta Arenas, Santiago.